SHU Division I Lacrosse

"By following Tyler's program, he has helped me exceed my goals. He's a motivator, coach, and a friend who is incredibly invested in my success. He shaped me into the strongest and fastest I've ever felt. His training has given me the confidence to face any opponent and he's the most dedicated coach I've worked with."


High School Soccer, Track & Field Athlete

"Training with Tyler has not only improved my overall fitness and strength, it has made my mental game much stronger. On & off the field, I am psyched to push myself beyond my comfort zone. Tyler also helps me understand the HOW & WHY. I love learning from Tyler; he’s helped me understand it’s not just what I am doing...but why it matters."


Missy Doll Herman

Professional CF Athlete

"Working with Tyler was a game changer for my career as a top 100 CrossFit athlete. His focus and dedicated to my individual athleticism and overall well being was above and beyond. His individualized programming not only made me a better athlete but his focus on injury prevention helped to keep my body healthy. I highly recommend Tyler."


Client 5+ years

"I was apprehensive about getting back into fitness after having children. Working with Tyler took away all that intimidation. Tyler was able to create a program for me that kept me motivated and produced results. His training style is challenging and supportive. It’s changed my life."



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